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 Eric from the Santa Clarita Valley was looking for an investment. Since he went to his local barbershop every week he learned about the barber business and its operations from the owner of the location who also happened to be his personal barber.

He attempted to buy that very barbershop he had been a customer of but the owner declined.  It was at this point that Eric went in and out of multiple barbershops in the Santa Clarita Valley asking various owners if they wanted to sell their shop.

After several denials he met a 71 year old barber named Henry Ferrer who owned "Experts N Hair" in the city of Valencia which was a small local barber shop. After a short conversation a deal was struck in which Henry and Eric agreed to a sale price. 

Eric realizing this opportunity contacted two of his closest friends Chad and Vince with the idea of creating a partnership at which time the first shop was purchased. It was at this point that Angelo's Barbershops was created.  The partners later purchased their second location in the city of Northridge which had been in operation since 1960 and was called Angelo's Barbershop. It was at this time the partners decided to retain the name "Angelo's Barbershop" and incorporate it into all future shops they were to acquire. 

The partners with little experience grew the business and acquired and built 8 locations within the Los Angeles area in which they worked hard to brand the Angelo's name.

The partners goal and mission statement is to provide excellent haircuts while giving customers the utmost professional service and high quality experience.  Angelo's focuses on the quality of barbers as well as the level of customer service they provide. The owners of Angelo's continually evolve and strive to improve their business every day.

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